Delicious, Affordable
After talking to strangers who waited in line at the supermarket, I learned something new about this old American snack. People associated it with nostalgia. It wasn't fancy, with a modern packaging or a shine logo, but it reminded many people of the Moonpie they had in their childhood or that their grandpa loved so much. 

The Challenge
The challenge of this project was to redesign the packaging of the Moonpie, by picking a new package form that would preserve the product, attract attention, and evoke trust in its users. The mock up of the package gives the product a rustic, industrial look and feel. It preserves the logo and authenticity of the brand, yet it pushes it in a new direction that makes it stand out. It is made of a 100% recyclable moon-shaped paper box, that preserves the product whole and can be used as a storage for later use. 
All graphics and typography are directly taken from an old Moon Pie add from the 90's.
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