Flip Book Animation Kit
Class Project, 2017
Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Website Design
What is this project about?
There are so many interesting projects on kickstarter.com. A lot of them have a lot to offer and try to convince bidders to invest in the project in order to raise funds for a start-up. This project takes the Flip Book Animation Kit campaign by Andy Bailey and using existing materials establishes a new brand identity, packaging design, and website. The Flip Book animation campaign send their bidders a kit with everything they need to create their own flip book animations.

Competitors and Audience
The flip book animation kit campaign does not have a direct competitor. There are some firms that have a product which can flip your drawings for you to create an animated film. Also there is an app on tablets that takes you through the process of taking multiple pictures of an object and combines them into an animation for you. 

The founder of the campaign does not refer to a specific age group. He refers to the animation kit as something for all the people out there who have always been attracted to animation and wanted to try it out. Since there isn’t a similar product, he thinks that having it would increase people’s interest in animation.


Brand Identity Variation
Three diverse brand identity directions that were considered. The core idea is to emphasize on hand-drawn aesthetics and the idea of motion.

Final Brand Identity​​​​​​​
A combination of hand-drawn lines and patterns and a simple, narrow typeface add a dynamic, artistic, and spontaneous look to the final brand identity. It is inspired by the quick scribbly lines and shapes that artists use when making animated flip books.

Packaging Die-line
If the project is funded all bidders receive a kit of tools. Since placing the tools in a plain cardboard box does not really represent the campaign brand, I designed a special box that would deliver an exciting experience to the customers. The packaging design is a-symmetrical. Each side of the lid has been cutout diagonally to show the pattern printed on all sides of the box.
Kit Packaging Prototype
The kit of tools to make your own Flip Books includes a light pad, drawing tools, stacks of paper, and a special flip book by the founder Andy Bailey.
The final packaging prototype is a big box with a hidden bottom. The top level has the light pad and paper stacks that are wrapped in fun colorful paper that contrasts the black and white and represents the vibrant feel of the brand. The bottom level is where the drawing tools and additional stacks of paper can be stored. The box can be used by the artists to store their flip books.

Campaign Website Design
Kickstarter.com gives the campaign an opportunity for advertisement and bidding but it cannot be branded in any way. This is a layout design for a website that would introduce the campaign, attract more biddders and answer user's questions. The design uses the same color, patterns, and hand-drawn aethetics.

The campaign did not make its bidding goal and the funding was unsuccessful. I hope they try again, the second try might be a charm.
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